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  • No Jazz Drums

    Hi, I can't find Jazz Drums anywhere on the site? They are probably right infront of my face but if someone can let me know where I would appreciate it! Thanks again Kevin

  •  Do you already have Vienna Suite?


  • Nope

  • Well that's why you can't see jazz Drums then.


  • You can't buy the Jazz Drums unless you buy Vienna Suite? I saw a deal to get them together, but no one said "You can't have the jazz drums..."

  • Hello kpatey,

    the Jazz Drums were a time-limited special offer valid until January 15th - each Vienna Suite user who registered Vienna Suite beforeJanuary 15th could download the Jazz Drums for free.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I think kpatey realises that - I think the question is how do those who didn't take advantage of the offer, purchase Jazz Drums. Matthew

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    @mdovey said:

    I think kpatey realises that - I think the question is how do those who didn't take advantage of the offer, purchase Jazz Drums. Matthew

    The answer is that currently they can't.


  • >> how do those who didn't take advantage of the offer, purchase Jazz Drums. >> Well, the question should be - why they want to? I think it was pointed out a couple of times and it was written all over their homepage and over the internet. I mean, to me it seems they clearly decided for not to go for the deal .... best

  • Your comment may apply to existing VSL users, but not to potential new users. In my case, I've only recently (i.e. this month), started to look at VSL, so I wasn't aware of this offer until last week! Matthew

  • Your question was - those how did not take advantage - so to not take advantage of something you need to know about it during the time you can actually take advantage of it ... at least this seems logical. So, if you did not know about that, so you would not have been able to take advantage of it because you just did not know during the time you could have taken advantage - so, why are you asking then? funny ... but seriously, I think this is just the nature of special deals that they are special and end - otherwise they would not be special. but until now most VSL specials came back one day within a bigger package ... so ... best

  • Normally a special deal is precisely that, a special *deal* - i.e. you get for free, or at a reduced cost, something you would normally have to pay full price for. If you miss a deal, you may kick yourself for missing an opportunity for saving money, but you can then purchase whatever was on the special deal at the normal full price. The OP's original question, is therefore, is very logical - having missed the chance to get Jazz Drums for free, the natural next thought is - "ok, how much do they cost normally". Matthew

  • this is a pre-sales question. I see that the INSPR:IR, Numerical Sound FORTI and SERTI are available as expansions for a price. so will the Jazz Drums be re-released at all for a price? I am calculating the current value for VSL Vienna Suite and the fact that at least an G5 PPC or intel Mac running at least Mac OS 10.5 is the system requirements and PPC processors are no longer supported is not equal in value to this special deal. are there any plans for a new incentive like this one for purchasing the VSL Vienna Suite or at least is there any cross-grade path through any authorized dealer to the VSL Suite platform by owning a qualified competitors comprehensive mastering plugin bundle?

  • Hi,

    We´re working on it, please stay tuned [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL