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    Hello and thanks in advance.

    This morning I went to play with the Vienna Ensemble loaded onto the PC. (Vista 64)

    It was working fine when I last used it.

    But from both DP6 and LOGIC Pro, initiated from the MAC, Vienna was not "seeable" on the PC to connect to.

    The PC is, not Vienna.

    To my knowledge, no hardware or software changes were made.

    But after conferring the Vienna people, they tell me that there are some potential issues with MAC OS 10.5.6.

    Any ideas about where to begin troubleshooting?  

    Thanks and Godspeed!  Steve

  • Some additional info about Steve's system.

    His PC system is dedicated Vienna only running the full Symphonic Cube and Vienna Ensemble 3.

    He has a Mac Pro 8-core with 16GB of RAM running both DP and Logic 8.02. QLSO PLAY is installed on the Mac. Audio card is an RME Fireface 800. The Mac system was setup and shipped to him with OS 10.5.5.

    Prior to the 10.5.6 update, the entire system was running smoothly. With newer Macs presumably shipping with 10.5.6, is an update forthcoming?

    There are additional graphics programs installed on his system so rolling it back to 10.5.5 might not be practical.

    Thank you in advance for your input.

    Peter Alexander

  •  moved to general discussion since it appears to be a rather technical issue ...


    2 things come into my mind, both related to a network issue, either with firewall or configuration of IP adresses

    - firewall: VE3 is using port 6479 UDP for announcing itself (from PC to macPro) and port 6477 TCP for communication (both directions), make sure those ports are not blocked

    - IP range: make sure network adapters connected (PC - macPro) are in the same private network range, no additional network adapter on mac and PC has the same range set and only one gateway (router) is defined on the computer which is connected to the internet

    - additionally: OS X is using multicast for DNS what sometimes leads that file sharing appears to work, whereas the network connection is not fully resolved - try to connect manually from the master to the IP address of the slave (having VE3 service started before)


    network connectivity can be checked with telnet on a PC or with network utility on OS X

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • This is over my head! But what I can tell you is that the Vienna System is connected directly to the Mac Pro.

    Thanks, Chris!


  • Christian, thank you.  Your post did indeed lead to the solution.  Here is the procedure for the fix which may help others down the road.

    Get IP Address from the PC-slave.

    Set MAC Network Ethernet IP to ONE above the PC address.  This is big.  The numbers cannot be the same.  In other words, if the PC is, then the MAC IP address, set on Manual, should be

    Then, as you say:  Reboot in this order.  PC, Load Vienna.  Start Mac. Start sequencer.

    The reason for the change in the first place was upgrading to OS 10.5.6. The software "automatically" changed the MANUAL setting in the Network to automatic.  I switched back to Manual and then did the steps above.

    Thanks again, Christian and Godspeed!


  •  great ... but please consider: 165.254.x.y is a public IP range (from so using such an IP range within an internal network might cause problems sooner or later .... what if some other computer receives the IP tomorrow - your connection will be corrupted again ....


    for connecting computers locally it is strongly recommended to use a private IP range (which will not be routed over the internet), eg. 192.168.x.y where 0<=x<=255 and 1<=y<=254 with network mask and x needs to be the same number whereas y needs to be different

    also make sure the used network range does not collide with the used IP address on a second network interface and only the network connected to the internet has a gateway/router defined


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi, Christian,

    The PC is not on the internet, and I got the IP address from the PC, which I thought it simply assigned itself.  I then wrote that number (plus 1) onto the MAC side.

    Before the software upgrade change on the MAC side, the numbers were indeed in the lower ranges as you suggested.  

    Is there a way to set the PC side IP Address manually?  I am completely new to PCs.

    Thanks so much for all of your help!



  •  something i never understood why it is configured the way it is (applies to both worlds, OS X and Windows)

    if a network adapter is set to *automatically assign IP iddress from a DHCP server* and no such DHCP server can be found a strange IP range is selected instead one of the definded private IP ranges ... anyway ...

    in Windows you can set the IP address manually starting either in the control panel or with (rightclick network icon) properties of network - the procedure for the following steps differs for XP and VISTA, but you finally arrive at the settings for a network adapter - select IPv4 there, click *properties* and enter the desired values for fixed IP (screenshot is VISTA 32 in classic mode)

    hth, christian


    PC manual IP

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.