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  • Using VSL Special Edition as a Multitimbral Instrument in Logic Pro 8???

    Is it possible? If so, how?

  • This has been covered before but here's the quick version...

    1. Create a multi-instrument and transformer in the environment and cable them together.

    2. Set the transformer to change CC7 to CCx (where x is an unused CC number - don't choose one that's being used for filter, attack, release etc.).

    3. Cable the transformer to an Audio Instrument object.

    4. Change the MIDI Channel setting on the Audio object from 1 to All.

    5. Load VE onto this object.

    6. In VE, remap the volume controller so the instrument(s) respond to CCx instead of CC7.



  • Martin, can you specify the link where this has been covered in detail, please? Thanks - Danny

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    Please find a very detailed description on creating a Multi Instrument in Logic here:

    Use Multi Channel Audio Instruments as multi timbre synthesizers

    Here´s another tutorial from our User Forum:

    Using VE as a multi-instrument in Logic 7 or 8 - Tutorial