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  • How to get repetitions to work?

    Hi there, I just purchased the 'VSL Special Edition PLUS - Standard' and I can't figure out how to get repetitions to work. I always thought that the repetition samples would be used automatically, whenever notes are played in quick succession. This seems not to be true. Instead I find repetition performances in legato and staccato, but playing these also does not sound as if different samples where used for notes triggered on the same pitch. So how can I make use of these repetitions? Right now the only difference I hear is a short delay before the instrument actually starts playing. Is there any special setting I missed? How do you utilize repetitions in your workflow? Thanks! :)

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    Hello lowkey,

    there are 2 kinds of repetitions included in the Special Edition PLUS: "Performance Repetitions" and "Fast Repetitions".

    The Performance Repetitions for, e.g., the strings, come as legato and spiccato repetitions. Basically, you can use the legato repetitions to connect slower repeated notes (like 1/4 notes at 90 bpm or similar), the spiccato repetitions when you want quick, articulated repetitions.

    The difference to the "normal" single note samples is clear: These Performance Repetitions have been recorded - so the "short delay" you are hearing when you play the repetitions "too slow" (the last played note is not audible anymore, which means that the notes are not connected) is the "connecting" part between those two repetitions.

    Please check out our Video Tutorial on "Revised Repetitions" here.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks a lot! I think I got it now and I'm really impressed with the possibilities. Thank you!