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  • Building two new slaves - CPU good enough for MIR?

    So much back and forth (on various threads) - of what will work with MIR (on PC slaves) - Having my PC builder put together two 16 GB machines now (to replace 4 older 3 GB machines).

    He says that 'practically' (for price) the following CPU is suggested

    Quad core 9550 2.83Ghz

    The question is - will these new machines choke if I get MIR?


  • Rob,

    Maybe your question pre-supposes this but, I do believe Mir is meant to have a dedicated, standalone cpu - not meant to be on a slave,

    I think the basic idea is to have a fast i7 quad core w/ 12-16 Gb of RAM.

    I tried to make the demo, but when I finally got in the booth I realized my cell phone was missing and I made the decision to go find it instead of hearing the demo.

    Oh well.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks Jack for the reply (hope you found the cell).  This both simplifies and complicates my next move.   I guess I didn't realize this MIR would need another PC.   Makes the slave change out easy - specs from builder will be perfect for the 16 GB machines.

    I'll of course continue to use Altiverb on my main Daw for now (with VE3 from salves).   Wait for a decent i7 quad core price (summer probably) and look seriously at MIR then.

    Thanks again.


  • From talking around a bit in the NAMM booth, that's probably about when Mir will be available. (+ or - 3dB)

  • MIR is pretty much optimized for the i7. For MIR - at the same frequency - an i7 will perform 3-4x better than a Core2Quad Extreme (9xxx series) at he same frequency.