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  • Speed Control Questions!!!

    Hi VSL community,

    I would like to know if the slow portato, medium portato, fast portato articulations in various VSL extended library instruments are designed to work with VI Speed Control. This question also applies to slow legato, legato, fast legato articulations and slow staccato, staccato, fast staccato articulations etc, et. etc.

    Will the Speed Control swap between all mentioned samples at the proper speeds appropriate for each set of samples. For example, I create a matrix (three cells by three cells) with Slow Port, Slow Legato, Slow Staccato accross the fist line of matrix cells, Standard Port, Standard Legato, Standard Staccato accross the second line of matrix cells, Fast Port, Fast Legato, Fast Staccato accross the third line of matrix cells. I set Horizontal as key-switch and vertical as Speed Control. I leave the Speed Control settings as equal distance between the Speed Control Lines in the Speed Control Graph. Will this work properly for each group of samples and change patches for each group of samples at the correct speeds. Or, do I need to adjust the Speed Control Lines in the graph to make work properly.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Leif Sundstrup