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  • download server constantly unavailable

    Herb et all

    Started down loading the Jazz drum files earlier this week.  Since it takes a long time to download I have been spreading it out over a few days.  I have downloaded cabs 1-9 successfully but I cannot download 10-19.  Can someone help me with this?



  • It's a real pain trying to downlaod the Bb trumpet as the server is constantly unavailable. I've been trying on and off for two days. I've managed 14 ,cab files in that time.

  •  our apologies for the inconvenience dave - since about 3 days we notice some insane traffic with an ovewhelming number of concurrent downloads ... a solution is already in preperation.

    please use a download manager for the moment, so you don't need to care about resuming downloads, also be patient after clicking the [DOWNLOAD] button, the response might be slower as usually



    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  •  understood Christian, presumably it's everyone like me who have waited until towards the end of the holiday's offer period before taking advantage. I'll be patient.