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  • C4 + VSL SE + Leopard = hang?

    Hi, all. I just got VSL SE/Plus/Extended installed. Standalone works fine. But when I launched C4, it hung when it was querying the VST plugin for ViennaInstruments. Force Quit, then restarted, and C4 launced, but VSL doesn't show up in the plugin list. Trying to refresh produces the same hang. :( VSL (standalone) version 2.0 build 3173 I'm on an intel mac pro, leopard 10.5.6. C4 version 4.5.2 build 274. Thanks for any wisdom.

  • Try downloading the latest version of the Vienna Instruments software?


  •  welcome mccardell,

    does C4 even look into the directory you have choosen to install the VST plugin to?


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks :) It worked after rebooting. I thought that was a Windows thing... :)