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  • vsldaemon (Not Responding) causes massive dropouts on Mac OS X 10.5.6

    Hi I installed Vienna Instruments v2.0 buld 3238 on my MacBook Pro running the latest ac OS X 10.5.6. As soon as the Vienna Instruments Standalone is started or the Vienna Instruments plugin is loaded into any host application the vlsdaemon process gets launched (my guess it'ts a registration / licencing / copy protection thingy). however in Activity Monitor the process shows up red as "Not Responding", causing the spindump proocess to run which takes about 8% CPU. Whichever of the three (Standalone or PlugIn / vsldaemon (Not Responding) / spindump) is responsible I don't want to figure myself, but the result is a nasty audio stutter, making playing unbearable even at very high latency times (500ms overall). I set a new custom directory and reastarted my machine. I did not re-install Vienna Instruments, though. Does anyone now how to fix this? PS: I didn't figure how to properly search this forum. It's a pain.

  • The vsldaemon "not responding"  doesn't signify a problem. Unsure of why you're getting audio stutter, but for searching the forum just type in what you're looking for in the white window next to Search, then click on Search.


  • Hi Colin Thanks for the reply and sorry for the bother. In the meantime I re-installed Vienna Instruments - and the problem is now gone. I had Licence Control Center open during the original Install - this may have prevented the latter from completing properly.

  • Glad to hear it..

  • It's one of the most common problems... and it's even mentioned in the manual (fancy that!).

    Maybe there should be a couple of stickies for these topics that keep coming up every three days, to spare the VSL team more time for developing product :-).