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  • Sample rate

    Hello All sorry for my english writing. I want to start up, with VSL . My comp is mac dual pro 1.8, i have instalt logic 8 + update i have upgrade my system with leoperd + update. My audiodriver is firewire solo+update. Ewrithing is working bud i have problems with two things one is cpu overload, wich is strange because i have 6 gig. and i only use the guitar with viena instr. and two my audio is faling out constantly. With de mesage. Sample rate 41927 recognised check conflict between logic pro and external device. Can anybody give me some advise. Villas Patrick

  • Although each setup is unique, in terms of computer hardware, OS brand and version, and audio interface (plus settings), I did have a problem on my G4 iMac PPC under OS X 10.4.11 for a few months, where Vienna Instruments would for some reason slam my RME Fireface 800 to 192 kHz or even sometimes to an oddball sample rate, and this was regardless of whether I set DDS Lock on the FF800, set it to master Clock, etc. I had several workarounds that got me out of trouble, so it became merely a minor annoyance.

    On the off-chance that your problem is related to this older software bug (which from my standpoint was fixed sometime last year), I recommend you first check to make sure you are running the latest version of the software (e.g. Vienna Instruments). If you log into your VSL account, the latest releases always show up under "Software" under your account info. There have been some fairly recent updates. These updates also generally contain release notes that are helpful.

    As you have provided us with most of the critical information regarding your setup, I will leave it to someone familiar with that particular setup as to whether there afre any known problems. But you might also want to look into whether your audio interface is set to master Clock or Slave Mode (although this may only affect how it interacts with other hardware via S/PDIF, ADAT, etc., and not how it interacts with software on your computer).

    As a workaround, you may be able to go to Audio/MIDI Setup and just manually set the sample rate back to what you want it to be. When I experienced a similar problem, this worked every time. But it usually helped to bring up Vienna Instruments once in standalone mode, correct the problem, and only then bring it up inside my DAW as a plug-in. It's safer in terms of avoiding crashes during an important session, if you are experiencing problems with a plug-in, to try to resolve them in standalone mode first.