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  • Star Wars Main Title

    Hi all !

    Here is another challenge for the Fanfare trumpets with the first thirty seconds of the Star Wars Main Title (I would like to put first the 20th century fox music....)

  • Hello Sam,

    I really prefer the sound and mix you got on the 20th century fox music ...

    NO i was joking !!!

    I was sure to get the surprise after the Fox and got it : it sounds superb ! :)

    Honestly it's hard to tell if it's your version or a John Williams cd : so really good work and the sound of the fanfare trumpet can really sound as good as the Epic Horns.

    Just for info give us a little about the mix, reverb, and how much time did he take you to get this result ? ...

    We would love to hear more from You Sam the "Teaser Man" 

    Bravo !

    Best Regards from Paris.

    Olivier aka

  • Aye, pretty good. Nice job there! Best from Ireland, *Rob. [damn formatting in Chrome!]

  • Hi Sam,

    the star wars theme sounds really good! 

    But the 20th century fox theme... are you really serious about it?  the machine gun effect fits better to a mafia epic...[;)]

    Best, Rainer

  •  Don't tell me it's all VSL !! [H] If yes, congratulation !! Very "god" job !! [Y]

  • Good stuff! And I think you should keep the current version of the Fox fanfare, as it's kinda what Lucas & Williams did for A New Hope - they deliberately kept the Fox fanfare as an old recording that then is blown out of the water by (what was then) a modern orchestral recording for the main title. So, you've got an "old" virtual orchestra put to shame by a new one!

  • Thanks (Obi-wan ?) for your comment
    The "teaser man", I like this name !
    I worked approximately 15/20 hours on this extract and I used a recording studio convolution reverb. It was not a very easy mix,
    find the good EQ for each instrument to get close to the original etc but it was stimulating

    Thank you very much Robert, Rainer, SyQuest and Mosso for your comments !

    Yes SyQuest it's 100 % Vsl (excepted the 20th century intro...). And Like Mosso said, I put in the beginning a poor version
     of the 20th century music (with the perf_stacc_machinegun) for the fun and to increase a little more the effect of the first attack[:)]

  • Wow, that first attack sounds awesome (almost indistinguishable from one of the recordings)!   Nice

  • Wow, brilliant work!!!

    Did you by any chance tune the samples to 442 instead of 440?

    I've been remaking my template and comparing instruments to a few recordings, star wars being one of them, and I've noticed that the LSO seems to be tuned to 442.  If not, then the VSL samples at 440 sound kinda...."sad".  So when I tuned them to 442, everything became good.

  • Thank you Snajand and Chrisharang !

    Yes snajand, good ear !  I have pitch up the mix

  • [:O] HOLY CRAP!


    WOW! WOW! WOW!

  •  You achieved an excellent sound!  Congrats.



  • Thank you very much Jay and Daruisofwest !

  • Again, you seem to have overcome this challenge. Just shows what persistence will do. 

  • never mind about the copyright, it is a good performance. 

  • Thank you Guy and William !

  • I must say, this is the first time I feel like it's an actual orchestra.....YOU DID IT Sam! You're the man!!!!!

    I'd like to know what are the instruments involved, could you list them?


  • Hi Ramu and thank you

    Here is the list :

    1st 2nd Violins
    Double basses

  • At first, I thought it was a joke, up to when I heard the last timpani note, seeing it was IN FACT ALL IN MIDI!!


    Being a SE+ Bundle user, I've been granted to get these Fanfare Trumpets for free, but your DEMO would have made me buying it anyway!! ;)


  •  Very nice...

    If you wouldn't mind I would love some more details on the production side of things. The whole thing has a nice sense of space and brilliance which I have a hard time capturing myself.