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  • Opinions please

    Hi production experts, 

    I'd be every so grateful if those of you with more mixing/reverb/producing knowledge than me (which is many people!) could give me an idea of where I could improve the production of this little piece of Movie "wallpaper"

    I'm aware that the music is nonsense and took me all of half hour to write - it's the production and realistic instrument placement etc I need to improve.

    Any criticism gratefully received:


  • I thought it was lovely, to be totally honest.  programming and mixing are good, see what you meant about wallpaper music though :)

  • I don't know if I would do too much else to it.  It's quite a nice little piece.  I like the cresendos which really build the tension. 

    Could you maybe share how you put this piece together, software used, DAW, EQ settings, reverb etc.  I would certainly appreciate it.

  • Thanks for the nice comments

    As I say the piece is nonsense - just something filmy I put together in few minutes

    However the mixing etc has taken me a while to try to get right - or at least as right as it is now!

    I use good old Sibelius with VSL SE, appass and cornet DL (find this more useful than the C trumpet unless doing mozart/bruckner/mahler etc)

    Reverb is Altiverb  - one instance for each section to give correct depth in the "room". Then a general tail over the whole lot - the Lex 480 (i think) copy

    EQ wise I can't quite remember (I'm currently not on the 64 bit side as I keep an instal of 32 Xp for general life and a (hopefully) clean install of XP64 for music) but essentially I have used the Vienna Suite presets on a few things, and taken a bit of mid bass off at the end and popped the very top end up a bit

    That's "it"  - taken me a while to get it to sound like this - but now I can carry on writing proper music knowing I have a pretty decent mock up as I write. It's quite a luxury!