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  • Problem "re" installing solo strings lib

    I had to do a fresh install of my software. I had no trouble installing Chamber and Appassionata strings, however, when I try to install the Solo Strings library, I get the following message :

    "The following licenses are needed to install this package : Solo Violine Basic" 
    The 'e' on the end of violine is not a typo, that is how it reads.
    The syncrosoft control shows Solo Stings basic and Extended libraries are authorized. I have all the latest Vienna and Syncrosoft software and have repaired permission, restarted, etc. as per Maya's instructions.
    Any ideas?

  • I am already trying to find a solution to this problem.

  • I did everything Maya has listed there and it worked for me, but not straight away. Took a number of restarts (bizarrely...) Try installing the VSL software (ensemble too) into a completely new folder and then use that installer for the solo strings.

  • Well, for some reason, it took about 3 Uninstalls and REinstalls to finally get it to work. Very weird, but I'm up and running now.

    I was ready to go out and try buying a new Vienna Key when it finally worked.