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  • Can't activate Special Edition L2


    I just bought the Special Edition L2 (with the saxophones, alto flute, etc.). I tried to activate it with the License Control Center (got the activation code from an e-mail when I bought the stuff), but it won't accept it. It says that my key doesn't have an "upgrade license" (license de mise à jour). What is this?


    MacBook 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo, 2 Go DR2 SDRAM, 60 Go + 500 Go external hard drive, Mac OS 10.5.6 Leopard

  • Hi Frederic

    Are you sure the code in the email isn't the registration code?


  • Yes it is the activation code. The registration code was given at the same time.

    Anyway, my problem is solved now. Stefan from the technical support helped me there. The problem was actually that VSL Special Edition wasn't registered in my Vienna Key. Once I registered SE, I have been able to register the L2.

    Thanks anyway!