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  • VSL Movie Trealer

    Did someone notice this ?

    Very funny team !! Congratulation !! [H] 

  • Great job guys - excellent.

  • The side of the van by the protesters at 1:47 - 'East Wurst Tomatoes' :D

  • Funny! And who said these guys don't have a sense of humor - love the East Wurst Tomatoes

  • The guy on the phone asks for "Vienna PHILHARMONIC Orchestra".........OOOOOPS......

    Apart from that, great fun!!

    Now stop this nonsense and get back to work dammit. You guys should be making new patches for us - not movies.[H]

  • hahaha!... 

    Christian is way too comfortable with a shot gun!

    Well i guess we know how VSL was financed now! lol...

    Oscar goes to Christian and blondi(who ever she is). Pretty natural performance actually. Actually better than some models/actors we have today. ;)

  • I heard Mickey Rourke auditioned for that part.

    Are those VSL T-shirts available? They're cool.

  •  just for the records: the guy with the pumpgun is paul, but i also thought by myself: well, he's pretty familiar with it .... ;-)


    t-shirts (and more) will be available as soon as i've manage finishing to setup a payment method ... reservations accepted


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.