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  • Slave Computer System Requirements for VE3 and VI

    I am asking a friend to build me a PC to act as my slave using VE3 over a gigabit network and to expand my insances of VI that I am currently able to run.  Ideally I dont want to spend a fortune but what sort of CPU and RAM requirements would you advise?  He said that he was thinking a quad core 2.4GHz per processor probably on an Asus motherboard with as many RAM slots as possible and starting with a pair of 2GB DDR3. Would this be too little or too much?

    I'm also trying to get my old dual 2.5GHz G5 to act as a slave, again for VI and VE3, but have no idea how to get its screen to appear in my master computer (detailed below). The set-up tutorial for VE3 is for a pc slave. Any chance of having one for a mac to mac slave set-up? I'm a bit of a technophobe outside of what I make Logic do so simple, step by step explanation would be very gratefully received. I've got it connected by a G'bit ethernet cable, and I've tried using SpyMe to bring up a copy of the screen, but as yet have had no luck. I chose SpyMe because it handles multi screens! The G5 has 6GB RAM and both have current OSX running.

    Also, if I do get them linked, how many instances of VI should I be able to run through VE3 on the G5 with that ampunt of RAM?

    Anyone got any further advice for this either of these set-ups?

    Thanks in advance...


  •  nick, looking at your registered prducts a could only advise to get 3 things: RAM, RAM, RAM ;-)

    a quad 2.4 or 2.5 would do the job and basically also the G5 could serve some instruments, though you would be limited there to ~3 GB memory and network doesn't work as nice as with intel macs or PCs


    the screen always appears on the slave computer and unfortunately i don't have any experience with SpyMe, but you could remote desktop it to your master using apple remote desktop (needs licenses), VNC (free) or windows remote desktop (included in windows,m mac client available free for download)


    ps: thread has been moved because it is more a technical than a VI related question

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks Christian,

    I've now managed to work out how to screen share on my mac without using SpyMe - it is built in to OSX5 but you have to have the option clicked in a sub menu of Sytem Preferences before it shows as an option when you connect as a server. If anyone else wants to know how to do this, I shall eventually be putting up my findings here as a short tutorial. Now I just have to get it to actually slave!

    Oh the joys of Trial and Error!