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  • Is Solo Strings II being delivered?

    Just checking, because I ordered it last month from my supplier, and it hasn't arrived yet. I'm hoping I'll still qualify for the upgrade to the extended library (I also have Solo Strings I extended), even if it shows up late. BTW, I also noticed that not as many retailers here in the U.S. are listing Solo Strings II in their online catalogs, including some that reliably used to have every VSL VI release in a timely fashion. Has something changed in the distribution system?

  • Yes; I received mine late last week.

    Unfortunately, another DVD that I ordered right after Xmas won't arrive until the 15th for some reason (maybe it was back-ordered).

    If you have problems with the timing, I recommend contacting VSL directly, as I just did myself tonight.

    It's obviously not very good to post special requests in the forum, as that puts them on the spot to make some sort of statement that is awkward for them and sets them up for people taking advantage of them. 

    Generally these sorts of things must be dealt with on a case by case basis, factoring trust and loyalty into the equation.