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  • price without VAT ?

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    I think that this subject had still be discussed but I don't find an answer:

    Before to buy the Vienna suite I have a question.

    I leave in Switzerland where the Vat is not the same than in other country of europe so where can I have the price without or with the rigth VAT?

    (In general I bought your download product at where the vat is right but I don't see the Vienna I must buy it at vsl.)

    Best regards dup

  • I bought the Vienna SE by, there you can see the price with or without VAT. If you buy from Switzerland the VAT is not charged (you will pay the CH-VAT when you become the library). Matteo

  • Hello matteo ,

    Thanks for your answer but I  allways buy my VSL products via bestservice but they don't have the download products expect some at Soundsondemand...The vienna suite are not at bestervice

    Best regards