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  • Vienna Instruments & Pro Tools 8 on a Mac

     I'm looking to update my ProTools to version 8, running on a Mac g5 (not intel).

    Has anyone been working with PT8 & Vienna with success?

    Thank you,

    Ray Naccari 

  • I'm not working with PT 8 on Mac,but I've heard from other people some issues about VSL RTAS plugins.It seems they don't work on ProToosl 8.

    It is still dissapointing that the VSL programmers are not capable to build up good RTAS plugins. 

    They told me in the recent, that RTAS format was very difficult to program and don't expect their demands on performance and quality. 

    Maybe with the release of ProTools 8 and his better usability for composers now, VSL have to think over their decisions about supporting RTAS.



  • Thank you Markus for getting back to me. I think that Viennna makes the best sounding orchestration software, but I'm so frustrated that I spent (after taxes) over $6,500  on the Cube, more memory, a terabyte drive just to find that I get audio clicks, freezes, and after 6 months their software is not compatible with a Pro Tools update!!!!!!! I'm orchestrating a play and doing the music for "BJ and the Bears", and I'm behind schedule because of these problems.

    Ray Naccari

  • DAW: Mac 4 core G5, 7.5 GB RAM, OSX10.5.5 / 4 VE3s running on 2  PCs, a MAC g5 1.8Ghz and one localhost

  • Yep, I even run it on a dual core mac g5...

    But the more instruments I run the more clicks, of course...

    A pity though that I don't know if there is a posibility to load my old samples (orchestral cube and performance set files) into VI. That version came out just 2 or 3 months after I bought it...

    Anyone knows if this option is available?[:)]

    Cheers, Arnold

  •  unfortunately not arnold, on one hand it is a 16 vs. 24 bit issue and on the other hand the format and mapping is completely different ...

    very ambitous users could try to run the giga pro edition through GVI within VE ... nothing i would deserve to do


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • I'm using pro tool LE 8 on Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5 GHz with 3GB ram. I have a UAD2 Quad for my plugins. Has there been any information updated regarding VSL and RTAS? I really want to use the Special Edition. But after reading this, I'm not so sure.

  • If You're not using VSL, what would be your next choice? I am in the same boat as you and need some good samples soon! Ciuao for now

  • I'm using an 8 core MacPro and I haven't had any problems with VSL either in Ensemble or Instrument mode using ProTools LE 8 and Mac OS X 10.5.6

    That being said I haven't tried the recent VSL updates on my system other than to open them up and play a few notes to test.

  • There are problems with Vienna Instruments and PT8, latest versions of each, which Digidesign has acknowledged. I used it fine for a bit....but then...

    I have had a tremendous problems since the most recent upgrades of both PT8 (CS2) and the latest Vienna, to the point where I am having to use Logic for anything that involves Vienna. Cannot speak for Ensemble, as I have never had much luck with this software consistently in Logic or PT....


    Mac Pro Dual 2.8g/8g Ram


  • I ran a short test this morning with only 2 fixable problems. The first problem was Novation Automap 3 (which gave problems with other audio software as well). That generates some aditional plug-ins which are identified with the (automap) extension. I took that off and deleted the additional plug-ins it had generated.

    The second problem occurred when I exited ProTools and closed VE at the same time. That caused PT8 to hang. (I won't do that next time).

    I have PT8 LE with the latest update- latest VSL and latest OS X (10.5.6 which is not yet qualified for PT8). I have the 3.2 MacPro which has 8 cores, 10 gigs of RAM and 4 hard drives with tasks distributed between them as recommended by VSL. 

    Although my testing was not exhaustive I was running a 3D animation render in the background to which I had assigned all 8 processors- and there were no noticeable artefacts. VE sounded normal. 

    I don't have any useful suggestions to make other than erasing the system drive and doing a complete re-install (remembering to back-up and data on your system drive) which I do here every six months or so and it often fixes problems.

  • Again, the problems are known by Digidesign.


  • Now I'm getting problems as well. There are 2.

    The first is a dialogue box that continually says 'Scanning licenses...' and the second is a box Which is for the Server Interface stating 'Vienna Ensemble Service is not available'.

    I'll re-boot and see what happens. The problem was not there this morning and nothing has changed.

  • Welcome to Vienna and Pro Tools 8 ;)


  • Well I fixed it. This is what happened.

    After a few weird occurances (never ending license request being the most irritating) I decided that Novation's AutoMap had to go.

    Good idea. But badly handled. While chucking out the plug-ins marked (automap) I managed to throw out a lot of useful plug-ins. (Oh dear! But not my fault- Novation had wrongly labelled them).

    So I go back into PT8 and find stacks of plug-ins missing.

    So I do the only sensible thing and un-install ProTools. Re-install ProTools. re-install the second upgrade. Then re-install all my plug-ins.

    Then I chuck away any plug-in to do with VSL.

    The I re-install the November VE. It works. Then I re-install the February VI. That works.

    Then I get confident. Everything is opening like lightning. Even ProTools opens faster. (About 5 times faster so that's impressive)

    So then I cross a bridge too far. I re-install the February VE. That's when everything goes back to square one. (At least as far as VE is concerned).

    So i chuck away any VE plug-ins and re-install the November version (build 3388). And everything is once again perfect.

    So. My advice is do a clean out. Get rid of the old VSL plug-ins and the associated folders that live in the Digidesign/plugins folder. Then re-install build 3388 of VE. (The latest VI doesn't seem to be a problem).

    For good measure an un-install and a re-install of PT LE 8 may well help. It certainly helped me a great deal. (I did the total un-install not the recommended paetial un-install).

    Good luck. It took me a day to work this out. I hope it works for everyone else.

  • Glad it is working for you!

    Unfortunately, the VI's are causing the problem here, I don't use VE. It basically turns into hell if I have to restart my Mac. Vienna was working relatively fine for weeks, then after installing the updates and restarting I only get beach balls. Standalone VI loads them fine, then open a PT 8 session which had VI's in it and must Force Quit. Etc. Goes on for ages. Finally you can maybe get a session to load. Then I go to add another VI and the beach ball is back, Force Quit, etc. Have no time for this. Using with Logic and no problems. Must wait until Digi finds the fix.


  • Well I can't believe it's entirely a PT8 issue. I think you should try the 'clean-out' method. It'll probably only take an hour if you avoid the error I made in chucking away useful plug-ins.

    I also used ProTools Pref and Database Helper (for 10.5).app before I did the un-install of PT to erase any old ProTools data bases. (Overkill and probably not necessary given that I then followed that with a blitzkrieg un-install).

    I have to say (getting off the subject) that VE works better for me than VI in is as much as it keeps the screen tidier and I can see all my Vienna Instruments in one 'eyeful'. The project I have just been running to check things out had 15 instruments in one ensemble and the VE window keeps them all neatly arranged.

    The simple trick with VE is to assign a separate channel for each instrument and a separate channel for each return (in the VE window and in each instrument channel inside of ProTools. I apologise if I'm pointing things out that are obvious and you already know them. But try the 'clean-out' and see what happens. It's only an hour of your life and it will save you many other lost hours.

    I'm glad I had the problems this morning. PT and VE are now much snappier.

  • Every time I try to use VE it ends up causing problems for some reason. The other day, before this whole PT mess started, I gave the latest rev another try in PT, loaded a few instruments, went to add one more, got the beach ball. Force Quit. Again, no time for this;)


  • I have one final point to make regarding VE and VI on PT LE 8.

    I did get a freeze when I was changing patches in a VI. So I took out all the VI plug-ins and plug-in folders and re-installed the August 2008 version of VI.

    With the following set-up I have no VSL problems in ProTools:-

    VE December 2008 (build 3388) and the August 2008 version of VI. They work flawlessly on ProTools 8 LE cs 2

    I suggest that this is a VSL problem rather a ProTools problem but I am not in a position to make judgements.

  • HI, where can i find the VE December 2008 and VI August 2008 Versions? Best RenĂ©