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  • editing VelLay patches. crossfade instead of velocity switching?

    Greetings, a large number of Vienna Instruments patches set by default to switch layers via key velocity.  How does a person go about reassigning this type of patch to crossfade with a controller instead?  

    One example would be to have cello sords crossfade from the mp layer to the mf layer.  

    Right now it appears the only work around is to set up transformers in logic to set notes to a "fixed" velocity and load the patch twice on two separate layers. You would send a fixed velocity to patch layer 1 = to say 40 and then send patch layer 2 a note velocity value = to 80.  You would then have to compensate for the amplitude differences using a volume parameter on each patch.  From this point you would then set the two patches to crossfade using the perform/map control tab parameters.

    I don't see how it's possible to edit the construction of the stock presets (outside of basic envelope releases etc.).  We can mix and match the patches using the matrix grid all day. We can crossfade between two different patches. But there doesn't appear to be a way to fundamentally change the interaction of the layers within a single stock Vienna patch.  

    With VI, I realize that some patches come wired out of the box to work with crossfade but many are not.  For long notes, it almost always makes sense to set up a crossfade on a real-time midi controller. Velocity switching works fine for short notes.

    The old school emu's and gigstudio would allow you to build presets based on any layer config of your choosing.


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    Hi Jeremy. You can map control change, note on velocity, pitch wheel or playing speed to control velocity cross-fades within an individual patch in the Perform / Map Control window. You just have to remember to turn the velocity x-fade button in the Control Edit window on.

    @jeremy_6740 said:

    The old school emu's and gigstudio would allow you to build presets based on any layer config of your choosing.
    Yes, but they are samplers. Sadly, virtual instruments don't tend to offer patch-building facilities.[:(]