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  • Is there a VST-PlugIn that makes VI SE's timpani sound more soft?


    I am looking for help and suggestions.

    Can anyone recommend a VST-PlugIn, that makes the VI SE's timpani sound more soft - like it was played with wool-wound mallets?

    Thank you,


  • SPL Transient designer. It's around $299 but is perfect for adjusting percussion for more / less attack and increasing or decreasing ambiance. If you hunt around online, they have a demo video. Have you tried adjusting the attack from within VI? You may be able to soften the attack without spending any money! =) --Leo

  • Another option is Eiosis E2 Transienter. I felt it more transparent than the Sonnox TransMod. Can't try SPL as I don't have a computer that can take PCI or ExpressCard and thus can't buy into the UAD solution.

    Other solutions are mostly you-get-what-you-pay for budget plugs. I deleted all of them after trying.

    There may be a couple of others that are PT-only.

    I had been using my TC Electronic TripleC's Envelope Mode for similar functionality, but have put that one on the chopping block (i.e. eBay) as I'm tired of the hassle of dealing with S/PDIF (it breaks up workflow with constand reassignment of inputs and outputs for project tracks).

    SOmehow I didn't find this same functionality in any of the TC Powercore plug-ins, but some say it is hidden away in FabrikC and MD3.