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  • I purchased solo strings 2 by this site but It seems to be not proceeding.

    Like as the title, my order looks like not going on because my creadit card were not charged.

    I just want to cancel this order and reorder at ILIO directly becuase I want to match the day of special offer. 

    order id is 47201. please cancel this.

    If you need additional informations, please let me know

  • as far as i can see your order dates 02.01.2009 18:29:00 UTC and since the DVD needs shipping the order has been forwarded to ILIO anyway ...


    the confirmation message mentions this and the confirmation page of the order showed *sale and delivery by ILIO*


    probably ILIO doesn't work today but please don't worry - they are shipping reliably fast and you will surely meet the offer


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.