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  • Strange problem with Vienna Suite

    Hi there,

    I have a weird problem with my newly purchased Vienna Suite.
    I hope I can describe it good enough. Here we go:

    Whenever I instantiate a plugin from the Suite it opens without any trouble. Everything looks fine. Now the weird part. When I try to move i.e a fader it looks like the plugin is frozen. I canĀ“t grab anything but the compare button on the plugin window turns blue and the sound is actually changing.
    It seems like a redraw problem. The problem occurs in Logic and Vienna Ensemble 2 standalone.

    Here some details on my DAW:

    MacPro 3 GHz 8-core
    16GB Ram
    Bootvolume a stripped level 1 Raid
    Mac OS X 10.5.6
    Logic Pro Studio 8.02

    Reinstalling the Suite didnĀ“t help.

    I hope someone can give me a hint what to. Any help is much apprechiate.