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  • syncrosoft not working now!


    When loading Logic 8 this morning, the syncrosoft message came up with an error message about 'trumpet in C DL caused an error', then told me to put the key in another USB slot, because there is an error validating things.  I've got the latest updates all around.  I changed the key to all the USB ports on my Mac Pro 2.66, and rebooted MANY times to clear things out.  Now, it won't even run in standalone mode.

    I have 12 gigs of memory, and three internal drives, one of which has VSL on it.  Everything looks accessable, other than this new key problem.

    OS X 10.5.6

    Any advice?



  •  Well, after doing some trouble shooting of my own, I have found, so far, that it seems to be just one Logic file, with the Upright Bass, EW SATB choirs and Garritan Basic Steinway that is giving me trouble.  Other Logic files with all of the above, and including VE3 + some VI's are loading just fine.  Maybe it's just that particular file's setup?  Nothing is really different about that file, but I'll redo a template for that setup and see if that fixes it.

    best regards,