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  • VSL Server using more and more CPU on OSX 10.5.6, Logic 8.0.2

    Hello all, This problem is new for me. I have been making a new template with about 26 instances of VI. This is very much like my old template other than I started from scratch and recent software updates. What is happening is Activity Monitor is reporting VLS-Server higher and higher each track I go to unless I hit play and stop in Logic. It pegs the CPU meter and causes Logic to become erratic. As I typed this Logic was open with the problem and it is spiking all instruments I just played (by pegging the meters).

    Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any solutions? This is making working with it tedious.

    Thanks for any help. System: Mac Pro OSX 10.5.6, 5 gigs ram, Logic 8.0.2. Thanks Chris

    EDIT:  I tried deleting the preferences, deleting and reinstalling VSL Instruments and VE yet the results were the same.  Each time I select a new instance in Logic and play a note the CPU usage on VSL Server increases and never decreases.

  • Hi,

    I use Logic 8 and here's my problem:

    I have made a template with 26 VSL instruments separately. I always load plugins separately to spread the CPU-flow on my 8 cores, since Logic only allows 1 plugin per core.

    But still I have a huge peak on the first core and in the activity monitor I can see the VSL-Server working at 350% - on 1 core! ...and I'm doing nothing.

    When I load the document it's at zero. Then when I play 1 instrument it goes up to 40% and stays there. When I play another instrument I goes up to 80 % and so on. When it goes up to over 100% it the instruments become unhearable.


  •  Oops, I just saw your post. I just announced this problem aswell. I have no idea why this happens.

  • I was just reading your message. It seems to be after 10.5.6 was installed. Logic and VI have become unusable together. I'm about to try a combo update install of 10.5.6 instead and will see what it does.

    EDIT:  I tried my MacBook Pro this morning with the same results.  I am guessing the Vienna support team isn't around as there has been no response to this or the email sent to support.  Hopefully we can find a solution after the new year.  Seeing as this is the only plug-in that has this problem there must be some new incompatibility that happened when 10.5.6 was introduced between VSL Server and Logic.


  • just to provide some response ... this didn't happen with the pre-release of 10.5.6 and the configuration needs to be re-created now with the publically available update (and as mentioned there are 2 of them) ... however related to how holidays are this year it might take a while to track a possible cause


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks Christian for your reply. As a side note I tried an install of 10.5.5, migrated the apps and users from my main boot to it but got the same results. I suspect the transfer must have brought something over with it. I plan on trying a simple fresh install this weekend and see if I can just get Logic and VI to play nice together on 10.5.5. Thanks and happy new year! Chris