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  • VSL and DP6

    I looked at the various tags and didn't find as much info as I'd want.

    I'm considering moving from Logic to DP for a wealth of reasons.

    Currently I'm using VE3 with Logic, as well as a slave G5 as well. I also use various Play and Kontakt libs, and some EXS (which I'm aware I'll have to convert to Kontakt to keep as well as some AKAI libs)

    Anyway, I'm just wondering what the take on VI and VE3 is on DP6 right now? Anyone having any problems with it?

  • Hello,
    I do not really know with VE3 but VI works great (considering that DP has generally not as CPU friendly when it comes to virtual instruments like Logic). But VI (in contrast to Kontakt) also works with VI pre-rendering - so on playback the situation is not that bad. VSL VI also works great with VRacks, which is superb if you have to work with multiple cues and stuff like that.
    There was a thread where someone had problems with DP and VE but here it works, though I am not using this very often (VE2).
    So, DP6 and VSL VI are do work together. If you have more specific questions ....
    hope that helps

  • I'm using DP6.01 with VE2 and have had few problems EXCEPT when K3 is running. I've found K3 to be a little buggy on its own but even with the libs on separate drives everything runs pretty smoothly until I try to open an instance of K3 in DP (standalone won't work at all because of an audio conflict with VE2 standalone), then the hiccups start, the VSL server loses its connection, DP quits, VE quits or sometimes my whole system freezes up, even when there's plenty of operating headroom. I've sent an email to NI and talked a little with them but haven't found a solution yet outside of being very careful whenever I need to use K3.

  • Well, the topic title is VSL not VE3. VSL works great in DP 6.01 at my end; better than in DP 5.13 surprisingly.

    I can't use Vienna Ensemble on my ancient PPC Mac. I look forward to using it once I upgrade; especially to take advantage of the Jazz Drums presets.

    I can only run one plug-in at a time, and got used to that many years ago. People's expectations are different, so I guess we should all qualify what we are hoping to hear from others in terms of "works" and "works great".

    I'm lucky to get one instance of ANYTHING running without crashing. I've worked this way for years and keep im proving my workflow and reliability in spite of it. So many with 8-cores complain that I just figure everyone hits the wall regardless of what they have.