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  • Jazz Drum Dynamic Rolls?

    After installing the Jazz Drums and loading the "Jazz Drums Full Set" I find that the C1 - G#2 Dynamic rolls are missing from the preset. I simply get nothing when I play these notes on my keyboard. Any thoughts? jay

  •  Just a quick thought here: Does the mod wheel work for this patch? 

  •  Hi Jay,


    The dynamic rolls are actually mapped to G#3-B3 - C1 to G#1 are only the keyswitches determining the length of the rolls from 1 to 12 seconds!


    Best, Marnix 

  • Thanks so much!! I will try and see if I can get it to work. Best, Jay

  • Also, don't forget that Vienna uses the European/International standard for naming octaves, in case you got thrown by that.

  • I know this is a super old thread, but the only one I found. I have this same issue. I understand which are the key switches and which are the notes, and that the octaves are different. Playing up and down the keyboard, I have G triggering "normal rolls," then the next 4 chromatic keys trigger NOTHING, then C triggers "HiHat" as it says in the manual. No matter what I try, Ab, A, Bb, B between the G and C trigger nothing. I've tried several different ways even tapping the key onscreen keyboard in Vienna Ens Pro. I'm using Cubase, and tried Keyswitches, Expression Map, Drum Editor, MIDI editor, etc. Literally NOTHING will trigger even a quiet sound on these keys.

    If anyone has an answer to try, I'd really appreciate it.