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  • Seeking critics for composition

    Hey guys,

    I'm took this old composition I wrote back in highschool and went to mix it using the Vienna Special Edition I recently bought. I'm kinda of new to all this so I wanted to have opinions of experts on what I could improve and how I should work to make it more realistic.

    I'm using, as I said Vienna Special Edition, and work with ProTools 7.4.

    Here's the demo:

    Sorry it's all in French, but all you have to do is click on the Play button.


  • I like it, may I ask what sort of musical training you had had when you wrote it? Kevin

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your appreciation. Actually, I hadn't recieved much of a training in terms of composition. It was just before college, so maybe 4 years ago, and I had had basic harmony lessons, but no orchestration class of any kind and I think that is what hurts it the most. Besides I'm a pianist so back then I had very little experience with the orchestra.

    Anyway I still kinda like it and I took it because I thought it would be a fine piece to exercise in mixing with the Vienna Sounds.

  • I like it and I also browsed through your other demos. What kind of equipment do you have beside VSL special edition? Jean

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    Thanks again.

    I work with ProTools 7.4 on Windows and a 88-key digital piano.

    I added a few more demos here, but they might not be as good musically because they are yet older compositions. However I started experimenting more with the cross-cell fade feature. I think one of my best piece is "Eaux troubles" (Troubled Waters), but its a completely different musical language.

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