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  • Oboe lowest note

    how come the Oboe in VSL goes down to a3, which is outside the instrument's range (the lowest is supposed to be bb3)? did you use some kind of an extension?

  • Hi - it sounds to me like the bottom note (Bb) has been stretched down to an A.

  • I would seriously doubt they stretched a note for one instrument, when other instruments don't cover the full natural range at the upper end (e.g. the trumpet and piccolo trumpet libraries, both of which have the same range but simply different timbre).

    My recollection is that there are a few variants on oboe ranges. Maybe an extra hole with a stretch key on certain models? Clarinets are known for this, as are saxes.

    Flutes of course require the B-foot to extend their range downwards, which makes the insgtrument itself longer and changes the timbre slightly. 

  • Point taken, but it does sound that way!