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  • Playing a repeated note using Appassionata Legato samples

    I'm recording a passage both with the Sordino Appass Violas and the regular Appass violas, using the legato patches, and there's a repeated note in the middle of them that really breaks up the realism of the legato. I recall there being a way for that repeated note to actually sound like the bow is changing direction, but I can't find this trick in the videos. So instead, it just sounds like I'm taking my finger off of the key and then restriking it. Does anyone know the secret to that repeated note sounding like a bow change? Kerry

  • Hi Kerry,

    there are repetitons samples (they are real performed bowchanges) mapped for the appassionat legato patches.

    If the gap between note off and the repetition note on is smaller than 200 MS these repetition samples will be triggered.

    It's also helpful to use the sustain pedal for connecting, so you won't get a small break between the notes,

    which would sound unrealistic.



  • A-ha... the sustain pedal does the trick. Thanks Herb!

  • this different from the "perf-rep-leg" patches?

  • "perf-rep_leg" patches are 5 repetitions each approximate 1s long,

    the repetition sample of  appassionatas "perf-legato" is a sustain



  • Herb.....thanx... A trick that i do is layer the "perf-rep leg" with the sustain patch.......then i delay the sustain patch by1/2 a second and increase it's attack by about 1/2 a second.......the result is a looped sustain with 5 random attacks.......worx great!!! SvK

  •  Nice trick SvK!

    Now if we can just come up with some type of articulation to pair with the sus articulation so that we could use this trick for more than one note simultaneously. 

    Then putting harmony notes on one track would speed up the production/realization process greatly. 

    It's alway a bit of dilemma when you come to a divisi section that only lasts a couple of notes and you have to create a whole new track and instrument and articulation(s) for two or three seconds of music.