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  • running Vienna Suite on more than one computer simultaniously

    Hello VSL will it be possible to use the Vienna Suite plugins on more than one computer at the same time? My VSIs are spread out over 3 Macs G5 and I think that it would be nice (actually its essential) to have at least EQing and compressing done before the signals are transfered via groups into Protools. Or do we have to buy one licence for each computer VSInstruments are running on? If this question was answered elsewere before, I missed it. Thanks for an answer anyway. Last but not least a big compliment to VSL. The Vienna Suite is yet another wonderfull sounding "must to have". best regards and happy x-mas to all of you at VSL and in this community, Hans

  •  Hi Hans,


    You will like to hear that, knowing very well that most of our customers work withinin a networked setup, we actually anticipated your situation.


    This is why we issue three activation codes if you purchase a license to Vienna Suite, thus enabling you to install and use the Plugins on up to three computers with one single license!


    Best, Marnix