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  • Happy with Vienna Special Edition & Vista 64?


     I would like to get some confirmation that others are using the Vienna Special Edition software on a Vista 64 system and not crashing.  I'm trying to set up a new PC which is running Vista 64 OS on a Gateway PC with 6 GB ram.  Since I've bumped up against other software issues I'm gun shy about buying the Vienna Special Edition.  I've used the Horizon Opus One library via Gigastudio since 1994 and was pleased with that combination.


    Jim G.

  • Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble software works flawlessly on XP and VISTA 32 and 64 bit versions - doesn't matter which library you are loading ...

    in case your other applications allow my recommendation would be to disable virtual memory (pagefile) or at least set it to a fixed and relatively low value (eg. 1024 MB) ... but this more touches performance rather than reliability ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.