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  • Random thought on tuning

    I have been making midi mockups of Star Wars' The Imperial March with both VSL Opus 1 and EWQLSO and basically comparing the two.

    Throughout the process I began noticing that some of the brass samples in EWQLSO are sometimes slightly sharper than they should technically be, but for some reason when mixed in the orchestra, it sounds great.  However, I find the EWQLSO samples a little too thin.

    So I did the same thign with VSL, was happy about the thickness of the sound, but was sorta annoyed by the "perfection" of the tuning.

    Maybe developing a way to automatically vary the tuning of notes could be nice (maybe).  I'm talking about very small changes in tuning.

    For example putting a note 0.20 cents sharper sometimes etc.

    I put the trumpets of the main melody of the Imperial March, slightly sharper than usual, and it sounded better....

    i dunno, what do you guys think?