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  • Vienna Ensemble w. Pro Tools & Logic on separate machines

    Can I send midi from Logic on one machine, to a VE slave on a second machine, and have that VE slave output audio to PT HD on a third computer? (All over ethernet.) Thanks, Hakan

  • I'm also interested in this. As far as I know, Ensemble 3 supports full audioLAN capability over simple Gigabit-Ethernet. Using Ensemble v2 I imagine the following scenario: sequencer-software is running on a dedicated host-machine, which is then connected via midi and audio-I/O to a separate PC running Ensemble 2.0. Should be possible, shouldn't it? Thanks!

  • welcome hakan,

    what can be done:

    a) MIDI from machine_1 to machine_2 (either over a physical cable or MIDI-over-LAN), running VE2 on machine_2, sending audio eg. via ADAT or MADI to machine_3

    b) into your audio host on machine_1 as master insert VE3 (network) and select machine_2 as slave, but audio goes back to machine_1 over the gigabit ethernet then - you could now route audio from machine_1 to machine_2 again using ADAT or MADI


    you cannot route audio output from VE3 (via ethernet) on machine_2 to machine_3 if VE3 has been inserted on machine_1


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.