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  • Vienna Suite: how long will the release price stay the same?

    Hello VSL

    I've read in other threads that the vienna suite will be adding new plugins to its bundle (it seems that your print marketing is already including a reverb) and I've also heard that the price of Vienna Suite will go up when these plugins are released. I was wondering, will you guys be announcing when this price increase will occur BEFORE it actually happens, so that people like myself know when we have to join in before the price increase?

    I also read that there are other plugin presets settings currently in development (i.e. EQ presets for Bass Drum, etc) and that they will be available in owners user areas. Can people demoing Vienna Suite also have access to these new presets? I'm actually waiting on activating my trial of Vienna Suite until these presets are available, as it would be nice to demo all the presets before deciding. Any ETA? I'm a composer first, and not much of an engineer, so I'm very excited about vienna Suite and having presets specifically created for use with my VSL VI's! WAY COOL!!

    Thanks again for all your hard work and innovations VSL Team! You guys do an amazing job!

  • We'll announce the inclusion of more plug-ins and a possible price increase well in advance. Once the new presets are included, you can just go ahead and download the current version of the Vienna Suite software. The demo refers to the limited license on your ViennaKey, whereas the software is the full version in its current state.

    Cheers, Martin