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  • Podcasts using VSL samples posted in one place on VSL web site.

    Is there any place or thread where composers could post their podcasts which use VSL samples. For example a permanent thread in the Vienna Instruments where people could add there podcast sites. I have in mind music not talk talk. Regards, Stephen W. Beatty

  • Hi Stephen.

    I don't know whether "not talk talk" is in reference to a certain VSL Podcast  in which you believe that there is too much chatting going on.

    I should advise you, if you haven't already, to check Master Hetoreyn's profile, wherein you shall discover he is in fact an Elf.

    Elves invariably hang out with wizards, so if we don't want our entire VSL sample library turned into techno drum loops, we might want to be more careful with the wording of our posts.

    You have been warned.....


  • .....joking aside, not a bad idea.having them in the one place, in particular for those that miss them in the original posts.


  • Agreed!

  • Let's try this again. There are very few places where one can listen to music that was created with the VSL library and a DAW system. Of course, there are the demos, but it would be of interest to me at least to hear the efforts of all the composers from the accomplished Bachs to the humble beginners using the VSL library. This is about having a place to share a particular kind of musical effort. I was not referring to any other thread with the talk talk remark, I just wanted a space where we could share music music. Any chance for this happening? Regard, Stephen W. Beatty

  • Well If I may chime in. One of the reasons for the 'VSL Podcast' was to give composers the opportunity to post there music on the show to get it listened to by our peers. The point being to give a kind of 'show and tell' for your music. . Now of course all the music on the show is given by the composers, and so it is shown with permission. If I use a piece of 'demo' music then I have a kind of limited permission from the VSL guys to use the pieces, by certain composers, on the show. . What you're talking about sounds like a good idea, I think probably you'd need more of a website that can broadcast an 'internet radio' kind of thing where you collect music from the likes of us, with permission of course :D, and then loop it on your radio station. Rather than dealing with fixed podcasts you have a dynamic list of songs that cycle through and you can add and take away music as you want. . Well that's just my thoughts on how you might try to do such a thing. Otherwise you're just looking at having a website where composers, using VSL or other sample libraries, can upload there music. I think you'd need to find a way to show the music without anyone downloading it .. like one of those flash player things. . Whilst I'm on the topic .. I am working on the next podcast show .. sorry it's again taking so long to do. Been quite busy writing music to yet another Trek fan film :D

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    @Stephen W. Beatty said:

    Any chance for this happening?

    YES 😉

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Well if CM says that then we can safely all hold our breath :D