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  • Vienna Ensemble in DP6

    Hello, I am really confounded as to why I can't get Vienna Ensemble 2 to work as a plugin in DP6. It always comes up as "Vienna Ensemble Service is not available". I have been able to do the Interapplication MIDI workaround and that's okay but I'd still like to know if the current build of Ensemble is working for most. If it is, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might troubleshoot my setup? Thanks in advance.

  • Hello, can you be more specific about your setup? PPC or Intellimac? Tiger or Leopard? In instrument track or in VRack? I am here with DP6.01 on PPC G5 and Tiger and VE2 works (I just loaded it into an instrument track it is playing some random MIDI notes for testing) .... so, maybe you can give some more details ... I guess standalone is working? hope that helps a little (well, I am afraid not, as I am not using the current build .... - did it work for you before with an earlier build? Well, I think I have the current build on another partition, so I might try it there if we have a comparable setup - means PPC and Tiger ...), best

  • I am on an Intelmac running Leopard. I'm trying to run it as a separate instrument, not in a VRack. I used to run it under Tiger, I think, unless that was Vienna Instrument, not Ensemble, but I think I did run Ensemble under Tiger. I am running the latest builds for both Ensemble as well as DP. Thanks for the response.

  • Hi. I am just now experiencing this same problem with DP 6.0.1 and VE on a PPC G5 dual 2.0. It's been a while since your original post so I was wondering whether you had found a solution yet.

  • No resolution from within DP. I am using it externally and calling it with the Interapplication midi.