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  • Solo Strings 2 UK price?

    Solo Strings 1 Standard -  Euro price €345 UK price £265

    Solo Strings 2 Standard -  Euro price  €325 UK price £325

    So in Europe Solo Strings 2 is 6% cheaper than Solo Strings 1 but in the UK Solo Strings 2 is 23% more expensive than Solo Strings 1.

    UK VAT is now reduced to 15% compared with the Eurozone average of 19.5%. So are the UK prices a typo and if they are not can UK purchasers buy in Euros?!


  • Hi.

        Yes I noticed that! Solo Strings 2 standard in UK more expensive than other countries 325£ = 325Euro ! I think Herb should do some thing.I own the whole VSL super package Standard and Extended plus the download products is it fair to pay more ?



  • Sorry, that was an input error in our pricing database.

    It's corrected now. Thanks for mentioning.



  • With the way things are going exchange rate wise, it won't be long before £1 = €1 anyway.  Vienna suite now up to £351.


  • Thanx Herb..Still no news in UK dealer (Time&Space)[:S]



  • Solo Strings II are finally online at Time+Space.

    Cheers, Martin

  • Finally....!Thanx Martin I already placed an order[;)]