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  • Altiverb 6.3 released- performance improvements included

    This is my first post here, although I've been reading for a while. I have no affiliation with Audioease at all, but noticed that Altiverb 6.3 got released today. Here is the changelog: * Extensive optimization resulted in reduced cpu loads * Major rewrites have enhanced overall stability of Altiverb * When run in sessions higher than 48 kHz, when applying delays in early refs and tail errors in assembling the final * IR could occur. This is fixed. * Fixed problem in the naming of Altiverb presets * [PT] flatter cpu load within Pro Tools systems, reducing "CPU held off too long" messages. * [PT] fixed problem when using automation presets * [TDM] Improper load of settings removed * [PT PC] Altiverb TDM instances now map properly to Altiverb Regular counterparts when no XL authorization is found. * [MAS] when "Reset All Parameters" is on, a song load does not delete all settings anymore * [AU] After "rescan IR folder" Altiverbs interface remains functioning properly * [PC] compatibility with Sequoia, Samplitude and Sonar improved. * [PC Pyramix] silence at start of non-realtime mixdowns fixed * [PC Pyramix] surround mapping of output channels is now compatible. * [PC Pyramix] integration with mascore completed * [VST] fixed mono-mono IR selection problem Here is the page I got it from: There is a link on that page to download the update(upper right corner). Cheers! Brent