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  • New Music

    New music is available on our website:

    The idea was first:

    to write a big piece for strings. Finally, after trying several sounds I stayed with solo strings that offers the most possibilities. I just regret that muted solo strings will be available in some days, that would have been very usefull.


    some people travelling inside "space catastrophes" each time completly different. I just kept in mind the cover of book I saw a long time ago of a desertic land. Two lovers could be seen speaking, but in the sky, there were two planets: so simple and so scaring.

    My oldest son can't sleep anymore without listening this music. I hope you'll enjoy as much as him.

    Best regards,


  • hello,
    I really like that one .... did you do all that with VSL Solo Strings VI?
    Great piece ...

  •  F.M.P.,

    This is a very evocative piece, but are you sure what your oldest son said? Perhaps he can't sleep anymore because of hearing this!

    It's a very dry mix. With a little reverb it would sound less quantified and computer driven. Perhaps that's the effect you want. Nonetheless, it's very kinetic and inspired.


  • Hi, 

    Everything has been done with VI solo strings. My first intention was to use the orchestral strings, but finally I didn't,  for the reason they don't go so far in the hightest pitches.

    About reverb, that's a problem I haven't been able to solve untill now. In my mind, using reverb is necessary - that was really good with gigastudio - but the ones I find now change the quality of the sound so much - especially for drums - that I prefer doing without. The fact is also, when we play the music in concert, reverb become unnecessary inside the concert hall. If someone has an idea, I would be happy trying it.

    About my son, no mistake - maybe it's true for other people, but not for him.


  • Thanks for the answer,
    there is like a beating sound pretty at the beginning after one minute - were those pizz samples if I may ask ... :)
    Well, reverb is really pretty subjective - I like UAD DreamVerb a lot as it does not colour that much (also I use the functionality to narrow the early refs and the tail, so that it is not to wide which gives a more defined sound IMHO). I also like Virsyn Reflect for the same reason (for Reflect the tail itself is pretty dense and warm, but I do not find it very coloured, somehow still has the tint of the instrument). Giga had a impulse reverb I think - so something like that might also be interesting (Origami, Altiverb or wait for what is coming from VSL ...)
    maybe one of the mentioned reverbs works for you .... :)

  • I guess, if you are speaking about the repeted notes, the effect is the col legno with eighth and quarter of tone. There is one Bartok pizz - newly called "snap" before this.

    Thanks for the reverbs, I gonna try.

  •  A very "nice" piece indeed, if Conlon Nancarrow would be still alive it could have been one of his "Player Piano" works, it´s a very mechanical music with straight lines and well done clusters and for some listeners possibly a bit too horrible. [:)]

    I like it!


    Markus Brylka

  • Thanks,

    I didn'y know this american composer. I'm always fascinated by people who were naturalized in Mexico - surely, I should do the same.

    Nevertheless, the two music are so different !

    If you like this one perhaps you'll enjoy the others on:

    I posted a link two ago after woking on the website, but surely it's a little far.



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