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  • Questions about Vienna suites

    Hello there. I'm interesting about vienna suites and actually I tried to use the demo.

    Unfortunately, I'm not an engineer, so I could not found distinctive points from vienna suites with other plug-in.

    Here are the questions.

    You guys think vienna suite have enough value for paying 395 euro? We can buy a UAD-2 with same amount of money. Please, answer this without fanboysm or something. I just want to hear frank answer.

    And, is this program universal fit to every types of music? or just dedicated to orchestral music with vienna instrument?

    Plus, why I cannot see the cost of vienna suites with US dollar? I wrote my address correctly, but still I cannot see us dollar format cost.

    Lastly, Are the plan clear plan to add factory presets? There are very few presets for specific instrument. I'm just a composer, It's just imposible that build up effectors correctly from the zero.

    Thanks for reading this poor English words.

  • Well,
    I bought a UAD (flexipack) not too long ago - so well .... I am not a VSL employee ....
    If you look at the quality of the plugins you might get maybe the same for the same money with UAD (Precision Bus compressor, some EQ and a limiter, PEnhancer, PMultiBand - well, now we will have to pay more :) ) - but I think besides the PBCompressor the UAD stuff had another orientation (colored). It depends on you taste ....
    Additionally VSL VS comes with great presets for the VSL library. With UAD you have to work that out yourself.
    I think both options offer good quality plugins - the purpose of those plugins however differs IMHO. I would say that VSL VS - with very transparent plugins - can be applied different kinds of projects and combined with different other tools - for the coloured plugins from UAD (with the exception of some like the PBComp) I think flexibility is a bit reduced - most love that coloured sound, but especially for orchestra music one might want to be pretty selective with such tools.
    I think for the value I would consider a UAD and the VSL VS very comparable - though they suite different flavours in terms of colour.
    hope that helps

  • One might add that the Vienna Suite is available for 64bit operating systems, and that the VS-plugins come with a (still expanding) collection of taylor-made presets for the Vienna Instruments.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks for your kind help.