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  • A few Vienna Suite questions

    Hello. I just had a few brief questions regarding the new Vienna Suite software bundle. ok, first im wondering...wich order does it make most sense to use these plugins on a audio track?` My initial thougths would be on a intrument track: powerpan, compressor, eq. But my (limited) experience with compressing a powerpanned signal is that it sometimes sounds a bit to direct afterwards, so im thinking perhaps the powerpan is better after compression and eq? Also, the presets included, are they in reference to any perticular level? becouse a compressor preset specific to a certain sound, would sound rather different if you reduce the level in the software instrument, no? Could i use these on the VSL kontakt instruments for instance? Im not realy too familiar with signal processing , any hints on a good way to use it is very welcome. great site btw. cheers.

  • Welcome Monophobic,

    nice screenhandle! :-)

    The order of plugins depends a lot on the situation, of course. A quite comprehensive setup for an instrument track could look like that:

    EQ (actually mainly the filters, to get rid of unwanted frequency content) -> Compressor -> EQ (for those "sweetening" touches) -> (Exciter) -> (Limiter) -> PowerPan

    To have an EQ pre-compression makes sense when you actually _create_ a sound with the EQ, e.g. huge amounts of bass-boost, or deep cuts. An exciter (if you need one) is best kept post-compression, to recreate that "sheen" that the ear misses after strong compression - although sometimes this is exactly the "warmth" we seem to get from this kind of processing. The PowerPan could sit anywhere after the compressor, but I would tend to keep it in the last insert-slot, for reasons of organisational clearness.

    Regarding level: All factory presets of the Vienna Suite refer to the level of the respective instrument in the state it's loaded, without any MIDI-volumes or changes in the velocity curve. Obviously this is only important for dynamics processing.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • hey, and thanx for your answer. kewl, but wouldnt you be getting a bit more bass then you bargained for if you compress a heavy bassboosted signal? But... whatever sounds good, i guess is the right way to do things :D On another note , i was looking to get some Vsl Woodwinds, altho i noticed there were not many presets for woodwinds in the Vienna Suite, is that becouse you only delivered presets for the most "needy" instruments, or that the woodwinds dont need much signal processing? or maybe you just didnt have the time ? :P anyway, thanx again. hey where are the spaces in my post...? everything gets compacted lol.

  • The presets are "work in progress", so to say. Right now, we are collecting the response of our users, trying to react to their first impressions and their needs. Of course, there will be presets for many (if not all) instruments that are missing.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • FWIW, the most useful presets to me would be groupings of those that apply to individual instruments and sections with an eye toward treating various orchestral ensembles (e.g., string quartet, woodwind quintet, other chamber groups, full orchestra)

  • Hi Dietz,

    When and where will the new presets appear?

    Eagerly awaiting,


  • Where: on these pages, of course.

    When: ASAP - we didn't forget :-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library