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  • Sostenuto Pedal (Middle Pedal) with Vienna Instruments?

    I'd like to use a second midi padal the way the middle pedal is used on a piano. i.e. it raises the dampers only on notes that are already being held down on the keyboard at the moment the pedal is pressed. I tried to program the pedal to CC66 (Sostenuto Pedal), but it doesn't work.

  •  Abel,

    If you're not playing live,

    Just put the notes you want hold down on an new Track and apply -Sustain Pedal cc64- on...

    Must produce the wright thing?

    Hope to help


  • well, the whole point of using sostenuto pedal is to extend selected notes while playing live. For offline work, there's always midi editor. Native Instrument's Kontakt has a simple switch which lets you choose which pedal behavior - sustain or sostenuto - do you prefer. The easiest solution would be just to support CC66 (Sostenuto Pedal). CC64 (Sustain Pedal) is already supported in VI.

  • Q to VSL team: do you guys consider adding "sostenuto pedal" feature to Vienna Instrument/Ensamble? It really is so handy while writing and drafting ideas.

  • There's also the Unacorda pedal (known in the USA as the "soft pedal"), and the very uncommon (and not standardised in behaviour) fourth pedal which is sometimes assigned to "staccato" (almost the opposite of sostenuto).

    Pianoteq supports four pedals, and all are programmable. But I use the Vienna Bosendorfer for accompanied orchestral work and some exposed solo work (Pianoteq is great for jazz/rock/pop/latin). It would be nice to have more live control; at least via user assignment.