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  • A few content problems on the site

    I've been seeing a few problems with bad links, content etc. on the site:

    Bad domain in links from

    Go here:

    Click the COMPANY, PRODUCTS, DEMO ZONE etc. links at the top - the domain is incorrect so the links are broken.

    Bad Training Videos content

    Go to front page:

    Click "Training Videos" on the left sidebar.

    The page you get is specific to the Special Edition rather than being for all Training Videos

    Click the image or "Special Edition Demo #1" link on the right.

    The page you get is which has no Special Edition training video content on it.

    I'm not sure how to find the Special Edition videos currentl The SE videos show up on the SE detail page though:

    Symphonic Cube sublinks broken

    Go to Bundles page:

    Click the Symphonic Cube link on the big products image:

    Note the Product Info, System Requirements, Sample Content, Audio Demos etc. links - they're all broken

    Note also that the sidebar seems to think that you're on the STRINGS page.

    Note also that if you navigate to the Symphonic Cube page via the sidebar (i.e. BUNDLES > SYMPHONIC CUBE) then that works fine - you get this link instead: which has working Product Info etc. links.


    Just in case the problems are specific to my set, I'm logged into the site, and I'm running Firefox 4.0.3 on Windows XP Pro.



  • Hi Gisbourne,

    thank you for the information - the bad links on the Bundles page as well as the Special Edition stuff are now repaired, the "forum" problem may take a bit longer ...

    Kind regards,


    VSL manuals & IT 

  • Great, thanks David.