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  • Single instrument Trumpet Downloads?

    I'm a Sibelius 5 user and I'm in the process of arranging some wedding music for a trumpet, flute, violin and cello ensemble. I'm pleased at this time with the flute, violin and cello sounds that came with the Sibelius 5 upgrade - but I hate the trumpet. I am considering buying the Vienna C trumpet and the Piccolo trumpet "single instrument download" at this time (possibly more in the future, but just the trumpets to get started) My question is - Is it easy to get this single download to work with Sibelius and the scores I've already created? I've been reading some of the other posts on this site and it seems that there are many problems. I'm not the most computer saavy person and that is my concern. I've downloaded the sound samples of the Vienna trumpet and it's amazing. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Ross!

    Basically it is no problem to use any of our collections with Sibelius. For all collections, where there is no sound set yet (like our Brass collections), please be aware that you have to switch articulations with MIDI commands from Sibelius. Here is how to do that:

    Activate and open an instance of VE for the instruments in your score without a sound set. As sound set choose none.
    For every instrument create a matrix of the patches you need with H-Span set to Keyswitches. To switch between patches, write the following Technique Text in Sibelius.
    ~Nxx,64 followed shortly by ~Oxx,64
    These are MIDI commands for Note on and Note off. xx stands for the MIDI number of the Keyswitch. (24=C1, 25=C#1, ...)

    If something is considered easy always depends on various facts. I for myself think it's easy. Of course you have to take a little time and see how to work with Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble in general.

    Best wishes,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi andi; Thanks for the quick reply. You make it sound easy, but I'm not so sure. However, I am willing to try. I understand that I will still need the VSL download key? Correct? Each time I try to get the price for the single instrument C Trumpet download I get the price of 75 pounds. How can I purchase this in american money?

  • Hi Ross!

    For any of our collections you will need a Syncrosoft protection device. If you already have one (for example if you also have Steinberg or Arturia products) you don't need to buy the Vienna Key.

    Sorry to ask, but where are you from?


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I am from Connecticut - U.S.A. I don't have any of those other products so I will need a Vienna key. When will the Bb trumpet sounds be ready?

  • Yes, you will need the Vienna Key then.

    Are you sure that you get the price in pounds? My collegue just told me, that the price for our download products always get displayed in Euro, no matter from where you are buying. But that should be no problem, you can buy them nevertheless with your credit card.

    The Bb trumpet will be available early next year.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Andi; I'm wondering if there are any other users out there that found it easy (or difficult) to get the single trumpet or any other instrument) download to work with Sibelius 5. I'm not the most computer saavy and I'm wishing to know if it is easy to use the Vienna single instrument (not the full Vienna Orchestra) with the other sounds that come with the Sibelius 5 upgrade. Thank you.

  • Hi Andi; I just got my VSL key in the mail today. I opened up the quick start guide and it tells me to to install the Syncrosoft License Control Center software. I don't have any software yet. I would like to purchase the C Trumpet download and the Piccolo trumpet download. Will I get all of the information that I need when I do that? I do not have any Vienna Instruments Software or a user manuel. What do I do next? Thanks. Ross

  •  Hi Ross.

    Download the control centre at and download the VI software here under Company /  Software Updates.

    Manual is under the same menu.


  • Hi Ross!

    At the location Colin told you about, you find manuals for Vienna Instruments, Vienna Ensemble, the Vienna Key and for Download Products in general.

    Best wishes,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I am getting a bit frustrated. I think I registered my Vienna Key. I'm pretty sure I downloaded the Syncrosoft License Control Center Software from the site you mentioned. I'm trying to now purchase the C Trumpet download, and after I put in my credit card number, etc..and click "next" I get some messages in German and I don't speak German. Please help. I think this is going to be more difficult than I would like. I'm nervous about getting things up and running with my Sibelius 5 program. Thanks.

  • Hello Ross,

    I've just replied in a personal email - please check your email account!



  • Andi; This has been a very frustrating evening. I purchased the C Trumpet download. I asked a friend who makes his living working on computers to help me get everything installed properly. We did. We've been at it for over 3 hours. We read the manuels and watched the tutorials. We are having trouble getting the trumpet sound to play properly with Sibelius. When it does play it lags behind the other instruments, and it sounds nothing like the C Trumpet demo I heard. The only way to get the trumpet sound was to have 2 active devices in the playback configuration. When we used just the VSL - all we got back was trumpet sounds on all the staves. I want a trumpet, flute, violin, cello sound. Can you please give me a step by step direction? If not - I think I would like to get my money back. This is not what I was expecting. Please help if you can. Question: Is it required for me to have other Vienna Instruments to do a single instrument download (my friend was asking). I told him I didn't think so because of the very first emails I posted. Nobody told me that I couldn't just purchase the C Trumpet single instrument download. Ross

  • Hi Ross!

    Sorry, that you are having difficulties.
    You are not required to buy anything else. You can buy whatever collections you want to have. If you only want the C Trumpet, then this is exactly what you get. But of course you cannot expect the trumpet to play flute, violin or cello sounds. [;)]

    As you noticed you can activate more instruments with Sibelius. So if you want a flute, please activate whatever instruments you might have, to play flute sounds.
    You will understand that I can't give you instruction how to use non VSL sounds. I don't even know what instruments you have.

    About your latency problem. I heard that Sibelius has some problems in the latest version with latecny compensation. This occurs only when mixing VSL sounds with other sounds. If the VSL sounds are late, I recommend doing the following:
    Select your VSL staves (in your case the trumpet) by trippleclicking them. Activate the Sibelius Properties window by Clicking on Windows/Properties. Go to the Playback section. Select Live start position and enter a negative value, so that these staves get played back a bit earlier. You might have to experiment a bit to find the best value.

    Did you create a trumpet matrix with the patches you need for your score as described earlier in this thread? This is required, if you want to hear different articulations and not just one sound.

    Don't get frustrated to quick. I think you are almost there.

    Best wishes and merry christmas,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Andi; No - I am not close. I just got off the phone with Sibelius technical support for over an hour. He told me to email him a screen shot of my playback devices,etc. and then he sent me the following email. "Hi, The setting looks correct, however, go back to Play > Playback Devices and click on the Manual Sound Set tabs. Try changing the Sound Setting Channel 2. If that does work , try 3. Some sound would only play in certain channels. Midi channel has 16 channels (1 through 16, channel 10 is reserved for drum set). Once you have it set, close the window and click on the letter "M" for mixer. Check the device the instrument is using? Best Wishes Walter Sanchez" I just sent him the following... Nothing is working. Each time I try to use the different channels - am I supposed to undo the previous channel that I just tried or do I just leave all the channels as trumpet.brass.trumpet? Then each time it asks me if I want to save the changes I made to Sibelius 16 sound essentials - I've been clicking yes. Is this correct? Then each time I am sure the mixer is the vienna setting. Then each time I go back to score it doesn't work - so I go back into Playback devices and manual sound set and the device reverts back to Kontaktplayer and sound set: Sibelius Essential sounds. Are my settings not working?" Ross Andi; I have never been more frustrated. I'm getting ready to give up (I'm sorry to say). Anything you can help out with would be appreciated. At the moment, I can't even get the C Trumpet to sound. I feel like I'm going around in circles. I'm trying to follow all that is offered. Regarding the matrix's - I don't even know where to begin. I have the C Trumpet matrix and patch document in front of me and I don't even know where to begin. Please remember that I only purchased the single instrument download. Is it different setting up one instrument that the entire collection of Vienna instruments. Ross If this doesn't work - what is the procedure to get my money back? I feel that this should not be so technical. Maybe it's simply my bad luck and it's not meant to be - however - I would really like to be able to make this work. Ross P.S. Is there anyone in Connecticut, USA that is using Sibelius 5 and Vienna. Maybe they can help me? (just a thought)

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    Hi Ross!

    For the trumpet you don't have to set anything in the manual sound sets tab, because you don't use a sound set. If the trumpet plays on one of the Sound Essential channels, go to the Sibelius mixer and set Vienna Ensemble (and if necessary channel 1) as output device.

    Creating your own C Trumpet Sibelius matrix in Vienna Ensemble:
    1) Go to Patch Assign.
    2) Drag the border of the empty matrix, so that you have place for 12 patches horizontally.
    3) Choose the patches you will need in your score and drag them one after the other on the free spaces. (probably staccato, one or two of the sustains, one or two of the Performance Intervalls, ...)
    4) Click Control Edit and set H-Span to Keyswitches starting with C1.
    5) You can now change articulations from Sibelius with MIDI commands as described earlier in this thread.
    6) By saving your Playback Configuration you automatically also save your settings in Vienna Ensemble.

    If you want to return your product, please contact

    Best wishes,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • One more question: I just got off the phone with Sibelius technical support again. Am I supposed to load the Single instrument Vienna download into the Kontact Player within Sibelius? If so - I didn't find that in any of the Vienna information. If so - how do I do that? Thanks. If not - once again - I'm being directed in circles.

  • Hi Andi; I just got your answer as I posted that last post. At the moment - I can't even get the vienna trumpet to play - let alone worry about articulations. Ugh. I'm sorry to be such a pain. Ross

  • Hi Andi- One more - You wrote - "if the trumpet plays on one of the sound essentail channels, etc" No, it doesn't. When I go into Sibelius mixer - vienna ensemble does not seem to be an option. Did I (once againe) skip something? Ross

  • To play Vienna Instruments with Sibelius, you have to activate Vienna Ensemble. It then should be in the list of activated devices.

    You can't play Vienna Instruments with Kontakt.


    Vienna Symphonic Library