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  • Electric bass

    I need an electric bass together with strings for my next project, but as far as I can see, VSL does not have any electric bass library. What would be a good way to solve this problem? I do not require a library for an entire band, just the bass. And I would prefer better quality than homebrew sampling can provide.

  • Hi dannil, I really like the "Chris Hein Basses" (of course a matter of taste). You can buy them as a bundle with all basses (not too cheap) or download each bass separatle, what is pretty affordable. The concept to play them is new and maybe a bit strange on the first look, but you can get really relaistic amd impressive results. All the best, Stephan

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    have a look at Scarbee's basses - there's is a variety of different basses to choose from:


  • Thanks a lot for your suggestions, Stephan and Bjarne, I will take a look right away. Regards, Daniel