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  • Schubert Symphony 5 2nd movement Strings

    I just had a try on Schubert's 5th Symphony, 2nd Movement, the first couple of bars. I used only Legato patches of the Orchestral Strings from Vienna Special Edition.
    I just practiced a little. I make always kind of short parts from orchestra pieces and try to simulate it as realistic as possible, to get a feeling for the samples and how to control them better and better. And it's a good exercise for "sight reading" too. :-) Though in this case it's only string orchestra. Just a beautiful piece I thought I share it...

    Best wishes,


  • very nice! Good job :D

  • "Viennese sound" and viennese composers fit always well! ;-)

    I really love Schubert's music and the whole viennese periode generally (of course Mozart is my biggest hero, coz I'm from Salzburg too) :-)

    Vienna is cool. Although I'm from Salzburg and those two cities are not always best friends. ;-) I just love the place (though Salzburg is more beautiful!!!!!) ;-)

    So, I wrote enought crap! :D

    Have a nice day!


  • nice...... l love Schubert. Good job there.


  • We will do a "Salzburg Symphonic Library" then!! ;-D  SSL sounds cool too!! :D

  •  Very nice! Thanks for posting this.

    I enjoyed listening to your performance of the music.



  • I am really really enjoying this. Heck, go ahead and loop it like 3 times to make it 4 minutes. :-)

    I am wondering, with the strings did you make use of portamento? (sorry my ears aren't perfect) I would LOVE to hear a version of this played with Chamber Ensemble Strings and/or Solo Strings. :-)

  • Agreed, just loop it so I don't need to keep putting it back to the start! Fancy uploading your midi file? Wouldn't mind a peek :D

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for your nice lines!

    I glady post the MIDI file, Cubase Project und a picture with the EQ, mixer, etc. settings. (the Cubase file) (the Midi file) (the pic)

    I used exclusively "Legato" patches from VI SE (Orchestral Strings) and only modified the velocity value that is in my opinion to few - I put it up to arround "30" (in the cell editor) in order to make more beautiful crescendi, etc or kind of "dal niente" fades (although it's not very perfect in this example, but just a thing a I can recommend in general, especialls to strings and winds).

    Have fun and good luck! :)

    Best wishes,


  • any chance of these links working? Would really like to see these :)

  • Sorry... the correct patch ist: (just a small "s" instead of capital letter) ;-)

    Have fun

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