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  • Solo Strings II release date ?


        Good morning..I noticed earlier no one talking about this! and vienna team annouced the release date which should be in the fourth quarter of 2008 ! it means if not this month it will be next month! please read down :


    To complete our series of “con sordino strings” we are currently working on the Solo Strings II collection that will offer a wealth of muted articulations of the solo instruments violin, viola, cello, and double bass. The collection is slated for a release in the fourth quarter of 2008.

    Best wishes from Vienna,
    Your Vienna Symphonic Library Team

  • We'll recieve the final DVDs next week.



  • Thanx Herb I hope I can get it before christmas[:)]


    Kind regards.

  • I am hoping that:

    1- This library is ontime for holiday sale

    2- Free extended library will given for free to users who have 1st Violin (full) - just like other 2 ConSordino (Chamber and Appassionata)

    Can anybody at vsl confirm this?



  • 1) we've shipped today solostrings II to our dealers

    2) confirmed, free extendeds for solo strings I full users



  • That was fast, Thanks!

    So, I have to call Ilio to order? The website order is not open yet...

    And at $380 (Holiday sale) it's a great price, not sure about how it sound... hope it's good as the 1st.

  • Wow, and they are only taking up XX GB on my hard disk - that is amazing ;-)
    Very interesting release ...

  • Hi, VSL is all still new to me so bear with me if I seem to ask stupid questions. I'm actually thinking of purchasing my first VSL instrument especially the Solo Strings II but do I have to purchase Solo Strings I first in order to have all the articulations.

  • you don't have to buy solo strings 1 before you buy solo strings 2 they are seperate products independant of each other. But solo strings 2 is just con-sordino samples.

  • Hi Herb.

                Strange still not available in UK dealer (Time&Space) ! even there isn't any news about it in their web site!


    Kind regards.

  • The products are on their way accross the Channel...

    Cheers, Martin

  • Thanx Martin I hope I can get it before 21-12[<:o)]


  • They're starting to trickle in, here in the States. I ordered mine this week, and they're expecting to turn it around on Tuesday to ship my way (west coast).

    I'm guessing this is the end of the "con sordino"/"muted strings" libraries, as Orchestral Strings already includes them in both voumes.

    Now maybe VSL could start turning their attention to historic instruments, like Violas da Gamba (all voicings), Ratchetts, Baroque Recorders, etc. 

  • I received mine today, at $380 US, it's a great price! Love the violin and viola in general, but don't like the Cello, it's not as warm as I hope it will be... Maybe I have not found a sweet spot yet :) I was expect the cello can sound like some quite part in "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" :) --- with portamento, it's quite similar but the sound is a little too bright to my taste ---- still an excellent product though! Sonny

  • Strange ! I placed my order on 12-12 as martin said the product in stock at Time&Space but after 4 days they sent me an email the product still not yet in their stock !



  • Oops ststudio the main reason ordering the solo strings 2 especially for Cello legato (sordino) I hope you are wrong!



  • Don't worry, Maybe it's just me and like I said, I spent like 2-3 hours for solo II so I maybe wrong Combining with Vienna Suite and tape emulation like crane song phoenix, I think I can get a warmer sound from that cello.

  •  Might just be the nature of the beast (muted cello) - much of the warmth and body is 'muted' out of it.  Perhaps roll off some 4.5hz??