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  • Is There a Global Master Tune?

    Hello.  Anyone know if there's a Global Master Tune in VI?  I regularly have projects that are in A=442 to match Eastern European orchestra recordings, and I'm having to go into each patch one at a time to set the Master Tune to A=442.  All other multitimbral samplers I use have a single master tune for all loaded sounds, which is a lot simpler.

    Ok so it won't kill me but it's a bit of a hassle really, especially when I forget to tune some sounds up.

  • Hello Dagmarpiano

    Yes there is a "Global Master Tune". Range: from 420 to 460 Hz.

    Further, you are able to use a pitch bend function as you already know from the midi side.

    There we have a range from +/- two halftones (maximum). 

    If you are interested in - have a look here: 

    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  •  Beat, 

    I think that what realy needs  Dagmarpiano is to save Preferences...

    You can Setup all options under VI or VE -Perform... and

    save it as Preferenses call STARTUP


    Just open a blank VI or VE

    Go to Preform

    - Perform control

    - set MASTER TUNE to 442

     ( you can also make any change under MAP CONTROL

    assigning prefered CC# and so on...)

    When pleased with your new SETUP just 

    - Click on PRESET SELECT (midel ring interface)

    Clik on the Disk icon and SAVE a file named "STARTUP"

    This file will be use by VI and VE as your preferences startup file..

    So all VE and VI instrument will now be TUNE at 442... 


    Hope it is helping... and clear....