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  • Jittering with Special Edition in Logic 8

    Hey, I've got a Mac book pro with a 2.5 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM.. I recently bought the 'Vienna Special Edition- Standard' Library and am having difficulty running it without it jittering. (I'm running it in Logic 8). I've tried using the 'Learn-Optimise' function in Perform but this doesnt seem to make much difference? Does anyone know if there are settings I can tweak in order to make it run smoothly? Cheers

  • Hi stonchee You'll need to give some more details as to what the problem is? Do you mean MIDI Jitter or do you mean clicks and pops in the audio? Also where are the samples installed - on the internal disk on an external drive? Cheers Tim

  • hey, the audio samples jitter and also struggling with running any effects and other instruments with it.. the samples are on my external HD connected with firewire 800.. At the moment I'm setting up Vienna instruments as standalone AU instruments.. I'm pretty sure they should be multi-timbral ones when I set up a new track? But I couldn't see how to go about doing this? I cant find anything in the manual (which is pretty light) and the tutorials already assume you know how to get past this stage.. Cheers, Stonchee

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    Hi Stonchee and welcome [:)],

    you should check out the free Vienna Ensemble to have a multitimbral Vienna Instruments host, available in your User Area!

    How many Vienna Instruments did you load? Which articulations? The more details you can give us about how you set up, the better we can help you out!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  hi,

    Do you have  fiewire audio card too? That could be your issuse with the Mac Book pro + FW drive. Worth checkig your buffer setting also.

  • I've downloaded Ensemble and that seems to be doing the trick! cheers for your help with this!